St Paul’s Hill

St. Paul's Hill, also known as Bukit St. Paul, is a historic site located in Malacca, Malaysia, offering a mix of rich history and panoramic views of the city.

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St. Paul's Hill, also known as Bukit St. Paul, is a significant historical and cultural landmark located in the heart of Malacca, Malaysia. Dominating the Malaccan skyline, this hill offers panoramic views of the surrounding city and coastline, making it a favorite spot for tourists and locals alike.

At the summit of St. Paul's Hill sits the ruins of St. Paul's Church, originally built in 1521 by a Portuguese nobleman, Duarte Coelho, as a chapel and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was later turned into a burial ground for deceased nobles and renamed St. Paul's Church following the Dutch conquest. The church was further deconsecrated and used as a fortress during the British colonial period. Today, visitors can explore the remnants of this historic structure, including the still-standing facade and the open grave sites, along with several Dutch and Portuguese tombstones that line the interior of the ruins.

One of the most notable features inside the church is the engraved marble slab that pays homage to St. Francis Xavier, a prominent Catholic missionary whose body was temporarily interred here in 1553 before being moved to Goa, India.

The hill is not only a historical site but also serves as a scenic viewpoint that offers a sweeping vista of Malacca. The ascent to the top involves a series of steps, flanked by traditional Portuguese watchtowers that once guarded the city. Today, it is a peaceful place, ideal for reflection and gaining a deeper understanding of Malacca’s rich and varied history.

Visiting St. Paul’s Hill is a journey through time, providing insight into the religious, cultural, and military history that shaped Malacca. It remains a must-visit for anyone interested in the historical narratives of this UNESCO World Heritage city.
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