5 Best Tours of Malacca City

Malacca is one of the most alluring destinations in the entire Malaysian country. Known as the historic city of Malaysia, this state has a lot of different historic tales including that of the Sultanate era and the colonial era. Most parts of the state are covered by forests, lakes, and some deserted area with a few hills scattered here and there. Within the populated areas, the Malaccan government has created some of the entrancing architectures to attract the tourists from across the world.

The wide variety of tourist destinations has enabled the state to become a pioneer in tourism. All around the place, there are innumerable locations that will fill your day with utmost enjoyment.

Let’s give you an insight into the amusement life of the Malaccan city that will definitely fill your heart with happiness!

1. Dutch heritage trails of Malacca

Though the colonial era ended in 1942 in Malacca, the trails of the Dutch colony are still there in the state. At various places, you can observe the architectures built by the Dutch that used to be the seat of the colonial supremacy back in the 18th century. The historical treasures of Malacca are one thing that you can enjoy freely and marvel at the uniqueness of the historical remains. The centre of this trail starts at the Old Gateway or the Porta De Santiago and covers the Dutch graveyard, the St. Paul Church, the Stadthuys, and so many other Dutch architectures.

2. Menara taming sari

Menara Taming Sari is Malaysia’s first rotating gyro tower and hence is one of the major tourist spots. The three sixty degrees revolving disc of this 110-metre gyro tower is the perfect place to have an ethereal view of the entire Malaccan town. The name of this tower was coined in the honour of the famous legendary Malaysian warrior, Hang Tuah. It is said that this terrific warrior possessed some supernatural powers. The entire legend is reflected by the structure of the tower, especially the top which is designed in the form of a hilt.

3. A’Famosa water world

This water park is located within the A’Famosa resort and spans an area of roughly 20 acres. The amusement themed park is the ideal place for a family outing, especially with all the water around the place and the zoo where you can take an animal safari ride. The water world is not made of the screaming rides. Rather there is a huge swimming area where you can relax with your family. The only ride in this park is the high velocity seven storied slide.

4. Malacca wonderland theme park

The Malaccan wonderland and the amusement park is full of thrills and fun, something that you might want to enjoy in a spare day with your family. It is located in the green city of the Ayer Keroh and is embraced by the vast space of the Malaccan forest. There are sixteen different attractions distributed all across the park including some of the craziest and adventurous rides like the crazy river, the adventure island, and so on.

5. Kite flying and horse riding in Malacca

Tanjung Kling is one of the tribal villages where you will meet the people with a Tamil background. The beaches surrounding the village are a great tourist spot. In fact, some of the hotels privately own the small beaches. Horse riding and kite flying along the beach side are the two most popular recreational activities in the village. Other than this, you can also opt for other activities like the water skiing, deep-sea fishing, island hopping, banana boat rides, windsurfing, scuba diving, and so on.