Top 10 Attractions to visit in Ayer Keroh

Malaysia has always attracted the tourists from all across the world owing to the vast reserves of nature and the historical heritage. It is an interesting place to visit.

Amongst the various Malaysian places, Ayer Keroh is a very peaceful and serene place where you will feel to be at ease. This spot is located outside Malacca, the historical city of Malaysia. Due to the presence of the wide belts of the lush, green foliage, the city is known as the Green City.

The plant reserves within this area date back to hundreds of years ago and still the floral aura is not lost. Amidst the hustle-bustle of the city life, spending some quality time in this almost secluded land is surreal.

Ayer Keroh is full of interesting and sublime tourist spots and perhaps this is why the area has become so popular amongst the tourists. If you are still unaware of the mysteries of Ayer Keroh, then here are some of the interesting places that you must include in your visit list.

1. Butterfly and reptile sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary park is located at an approx distance of 15 kilometres from the Malaccan city. The wide range of reptiles in this natural habitat attracts the tourists mainly. Starting from various species of butterflies, you will have the chance to see over 20 snake species, lizards, crocodiles, and many other reptiles. Even hedgehogs are also there in this reptile sanctuary. The entire sanctuary is divided into five parts- the Koi River Valley, butterfly garden, reptile aviary, wild photo lane and nature’s art centre.

2. Mini Malaysia and ASEAN cultural park

This is what you can call as a mini Malaysian city and that’s why this cultural park attracts tons of tourists every time. The main attraction of this place is the group of the houses hailing from the pre-Malaysian era. These thirteen houses represent the culture of the 13 states of Malaysia. In fact, you can have a look at the wax dummies inside each house, dressed in their traditional attire.

3. Malacca Zoo

The Malaccan zoo is the second largest zoological garden in Malaysia with over twelve hundred animals. There are more than two hundred species of the fauna distributed in this zoo. Located roughly at a distance of 13 kilometres from the central Malaccan city, this zoo has unique attractions, especially during the weekends. During the weekends, the zoo organises a number of different recreational activities like the elephant feeding, keeper talks, and even the bird shows.

4. Malacca planetarium adventure science centre

This scientific educational centre sports the largest dome in Malaysia and is located right beside the Malaccan trade centre. The main thing that is done in this architectural compound is to spread knowledge about the mysteries and the hidden truths of the Milky Way Galaxy and the entire space. The best parts of the planetarium are the replicas of the Malaysian satellite and the Hubble space telescope, allowing the tourists and the children to have an insight into the astronomy department.

5. Malacca crocodile farm

Crocodiles have always been a fascinating creature and this natural reptilian habitat houses more than 100 species of crocodiles. Apart from the crocodiles, five major attractions are there within the park: miniature of Malaysia, aviary bird park, mammalian house, reptile house, and the water recreation park. Some of the interesting reptiles that you can see in this natural reptilian abode are the American alligator, the pale Indian crocodile of marshy land, and the caiman.

6. Malacca bird park

This is the first bird park that was opened in Malacca and hence is the only park to house the largest aviary in entire Malaysia. This is more of a conservational abode and protecting the species is the primary concern of the officials of this bird sanctuary. You will find over seven hundred different bird species on this land, both the areal and the water birds. A lot of migratory birds are also there along with the inbred birds. Surrounding this bird sanctuary, you will have a nice view of the Malaccan forest. The tranquillity of the area is one thing you wouldn’t want to miss.

7. Malacca botanical garden

The Malaccan botanical garden is one of the exquisite places in Ayer Keroh. Spanning for an area of 92.5 hectares, the botanical forest is divided mainly into three sections- the forestry gallery, the dinosaur park, and the canopy walk. The forest has more three hundred floral and fauna species along with the insight into the primordial life forms of this area. The prehistoric animals are depicted in the form of stone carvings and they are distributed throughout the forest.

8. Malacca wonderland theme park and resort

Though Ayer Keroh is full of greeneries and wildlife, you can undoubtedly enjoy a relaxing day at this amusement park. The main attractions of this man-made park are the water rides and the other thrilling rides. The Malaccan forest embraces the amusement park like a cocoon, making the view alluring. There are sixteen major attractions in the park that couldn’t be missed out at any cost.

9. The world’s bees museum

If you really are a fan of the bees, then this museum is the perfect destination for you. The bees museum houses more than two hundred and fifty species of the beehives and the hornet nests. You can take a look at the artificial galleries of different honey beehives, and the different tools used in the rearing of the bees.

10.Museum of aborigines

Malaysia was once a home of some of the native tribes whose trails are still hidden in some places of the country. This museum was built back in 1997 to give an insight into the nomadic life of Malaysia- Senoi tribes, Mah Meri tribes, and the Jan Huat tribes. In the museum of aborigines, you will find the tools used by the tribes in their daily lives, and the various items used to perform the cultural rituals.