Top 10 Shopping Spots in Malacca

A visit to a foreign land is often coupled with some best experiences, both thrilling and enjoyable. But when the foreign land is having a mixed cultural trail from the lanes of the history, then taking a trip becomes more adventurous. In fact, no one can actually deny the thrill and the entrancing aura that the unknown soil emanates despite the fact that you are still unaware of the hidden treasures of the land.

Malacca is one such place where you will feel to be both at the excited and a serene state of mind. Where on one side the man-made architectural buildings enunciate the feelings of being kept high on toes, the natural habitats help in keeping your mind and heart, both at uncanny peace.

The historical city of Malaysia has always stayed true to its words in keeping the tourists ever ready in discovering the hidden treasures of this city. Apart from the various parks and other historical buildings, another set of buildings that are quite popular amongst the tourists are the various shopping centres scattered all around Malacca.

In fact, when you will be visiting the city, your heart will definitely crave to fill in the bags with the exclusive Malaccan beauties. So, let’s discover some of the best shopping centres in Malacca that will keep you on your toes throughout your Malaccan visit.

1. Dataran Pahlawan

A visit to this nine-storeyed shopping mall is must in your Malaccan day trip owing to the extra modernistic taste of the shops here in this mall.

You will not only get the chance to enjoy the latest international fashion trends but also can enjoy the delicious Malaccan delicacies, watch a movie, or have a drink. Some of the international brands that you can find in Dataran Pahlaw are sprit, MNG, and Quiksilver along with Nichii and Padini which are the local brands.

The mall also houses some of the exclusive item shops as those of toys, perfumes, and even the souvenirs.

2. Mahkota parade

Mahkota Parade was established for both the locals and the tourist in 1994 and since then the business here has expanded greatly.

Currently, there are 200 shops in this entire mall and more than 1000 free spaces for the paring of the cars. This is the best place to hang out with the family or the friends and enjoy a healthy evening.

You can enjoy the fashion products from some of the finest cloth manufacturers here in Mahkota Parade. Apart from this, you can buy fresh groceries, or even try out the Korean sin care from the spas in this shopping mall.

Mahkota is the house to Malaysia’s largest bowling alley, the Ampang Superbowl.

3. Hatten square suites and shoppes

Hatten square shopping mall is located on the lower floors of the Hatten square hotel. The mixture of relaxation with enjoyment is clearly depicted by Hatten square.

At the ground floor, you will find the store specific to the computer accessories and other IT products. This store is the specialty of the entire Hatten square suites and you can also find the popular brand’s shops here like that of Samsung and Nokia.

The first and the second floor are occupied by the trendy fashion shops while the spas and the parlours are solely located on the second floor.

4. Tan Kim hock product centre

Tan Kim Hock is the best place where you can get some of the exquisite Malaccan souvenirs at a reasonable price. The building has earned the name of ‘red place’ owing to the scarlet coloured walls.

You will not only get the souvenirs here but also the chance to explore the drool-worthy delicacies of hundred food stalls on the ground floor of this shopping mall. The food products here are quite rare, lie the handmade coconut candy, the pure coconut sugar, and even the medicated nutmeg balm.

The toffee-like confectionary dodols are the main attraction of Tan Kim Hock. The food products that are made here are done using the raw materials grown on the company’s estate and hence that introduces the versatility in the cooking.

5. Medan samudera craft centre

Located in the Jonker street, this shopping centre attracts a huge crowd of tourists on a regular basis. The place is best known for the amazing Malaccan crafts and the delicacies whose aroma lingers in the air like condensed fumes.

The handicrafts are from both the pre-Malaccan era and the present era, making the mall a good place to shop for loved ones.

6. Little Nyonya gift shop

The gift shop spans over a vast area that include three different neatly arranged stores. Here you will get the different toys including the ones exclusive to the Malaccan culture along with the delicacies and the souvenirs.

Cincalok is one of the best food that you can eat here. It is a fermented dish of shrimps or krills served with chillis, shallots and lime juice, making it a perfect meal.

7. DMDI shoppe

DMDI is a fashion brand that has shops in Malaysia, Singapore, and even in Sri Lanka. The handmade artefact present at the shop are exclusive for the countries and you won’t get them in the normal conventional stores.

Apart from this, you will see the pewter, songket, and even the batik. Accessories grace the shop in abundance.

8. Mico fashion square

Mico fashion square is a place exclusive for women and that solely enhances the vigor of the shopping mall. Starting from the casual outfits, you will have the professional dresses as well in this shopping centre.

9. Sweet souvenirs

The souvenirs and the other gift items present in this shop are available in bulk prices and hence it is one of the best places to buy those things as a remembrance of your Malaccan tour. The main attraction of this shopping centre is the tees with the Malaccan heritages printed on them in bold colours.

10.Leather Avenue

This shop is located at the ground floor of the oldest shopping mall in Malacca, the Mahkota Parade. Here, you will get the leather products designed by Hong Kong’s top leather designer, TOUGH Jeansmith.