Transportations in Malacca

Vacation is a part of everyone’s life and the eager to visit the foreign lands is sometimes too much to ignore. Malaysian states have always intrigued the people from different parts of the world and it is quite hard to ignore that each state has something unique in them.

Same is the case with the Malaysian state of Malacca- the City of History- that still breathes in the rich historical and cultural heritage. The city welcomes thousands of tourists all round the year and you will find the streets to be quite busy all through the year.

Transportation in Malacca is yet another thing that you should be aware of before booking your tickets to fly to the state. You can find multifarious transportations in the city that will help you to discover the secrets of the place and travel from one place to another. For the international transportation, flights are there but that is another story.

The main attractions of the city are the domestic transports that will guide you through the busy streets of Malacca and will make you familiar with the culture. Transports always play an important role in managing up the state’s economy and Malaccan transport does the same too. In fact, it is responsible for connecting the discrete habited parts of the city.

Air Transport

Both the Malaccan state and the Northern territory of Johar share the Malaccan international airport. The airport receives both the international and domestic flights, thereby enabling the tourists to travel by air smoothly.

The airport has increased both its passenger planes and carrier planes capacity. And since then, Malacca has seen its fair share of economic and trading growth.


These transport cars are the unique attraction of Malacca, all decked up in beautiful flowers and other decor items. The vehicles are best suited for roaming around in this historical city and getting a view of the eccentric architectures. Stadhuys and the City Clock Tower are the two places where you can find the Trishaws more frequently. The charges are per hour based and so you can travel in the most extravagant way.


The main bus depot in Malacca is the Malacca Sentral Bus Terminal, which is located between Jalan Panglima Awang and the Lebugh AMJ. You can find buses to the various other cities of Malaysia and so travel to the other places will not be a problem anymore. All you need to make sure is that you have a booking from beforehand. You can also get a tour around the city via a bus, especially the Panorama ones because they offer some of the best discounts.


Cabs are perfect for some short trips in and around the city itself. You can get air-conditioned cabs at a reasonable rate that will help you to have a ride through the city in a comfortable way. Other than the normal cabs, you will also have the option of the private vans, which are also meant for taking you for a city tour.