Best 5 Cafe to Chill

Malacca is popularly known as the History City of Malaysia and perhaps that makes the place more crowd-pleasing. The warm weather of the place and the rich history of Malacca draws thousands of tourists from all around the globe. The lowland area in the Malay peninsula has seen its own shares of rough past and now it breathes in a flourishing ambience.

The natural view catches a lot of eyes, especially the deserted beaches and the forests that line almost the majority of the land. A few hilly areas are there in Malacca and perhaps that’s why the temperature in those areas is slightly lower than that on the plains.

In such an incredible ambience, dining out with friends and families seems to be a perfect plan and that’s where the Malaccan cafe’s come into the foreplay.

If you are planning to pay a visit to Malacca, then you wouldn’t want to miss out these cafes in the state.


Kaya Kaya cafe is the best place in Malacca where you will get the essence of the rich cultural heritage of the state. The interiors of the cafe have a special touch to it that might take you into a whirlwind. For a vegan brunch, this cafe is just the thing you would need. Located at the Jonker Street, you shouldn’t miss out the earthly feeling Kaya-Kaya emanates.

The dishes of this cafe have something unique in it- a perfect blend of the American style and the Italian style. This solely attracts flocks of tourists who visit Malaccan and people actually spend hours in this cafe, trying out their various dishes.


Geographer Cafe is one of the most visited cafes in Malacca as it is set in the heart of the state itself. The building has a vintage look to itself and inside the restaurant; you will get a mix of the Asian and the American culture. The design of the building will take you back to the historic era, specifically in the pre-Malaccan time. Don’t forget to have the junkies of this cafe which has always managed to set the heart on fire.


The Baboon house is one such place where you can sit for hours and never get bored. In fact, the place is so surreal that spending hours seems to be too less. The walls of the cafe are made quite creative with the touch of a greenery essence to it. The outside area of the cafe is quite spacious that will allow you to breathe in freely.


This cafe is best known for its coffee; after all, it is the only place where you will get all the thirteen varieties of coffee from the thirteen states of Malaysia. The interior of the cafe is made into something that can be best called as funky, especially with the mismatch decor items.


Hard Rock cafe brings out the musician inside you as the theme of the cafe is set in such an environment. The cafe is situated beside the Malaccan River and perhaps that makes the cafe the best place to dine out.